A great and common email I get from customers looking for versatile bikes for multiple kids.

From Lara:

Hi. I’m looking for a balance bike for my son to ride starting at or just after his second birthday. He is currently 21 months old with a 12″ ish inseam. He already has a very tiny wood bike that is available locally (were in canada) that he rides around, but will grow out of in the next 3-6 months. We would like to invest in something good quality that will work for him and any future siblings to use until they transition to a pedal bike. I am considering the woom 1 and the too too but am unsure which would work better for us. I prefer the woom, but am concerned about the maximum seat height being quite low and it not fitting for very long. I also like the removable steering limiter on the woom and would like to know if the one on the too too can also be disabled. If you have any experience with these bikes that would help point me in the direction of the one that makes the most sense given what we are looking for, I’d appreciate it. Thanks!

Good Morning Lara,

Thanks for reaching out to us!  Thanks for providing the extended information about future siblings, I always take that into consideration when recommending a bike. 

You stated one of the only downfalls I see with the Woom1, it doesn’t have the largest range in seat sizes, though is one of the the best bikes I sell. The steering limiters are nice, but shouldn’t be a deal breaker when picking a bike.  The jackknifing of bikes are rare in my opinion.  When looking for a bike that is intended for kids as young as 2 years with 12″ inseams, I look for a lightweight one.  When knowing this bike will be used for older children, I look for the bike to have hand brakes, padded seat and a high seat setting.

Here are a few other bikes I recommend with my reasons why:

Cleary Starfish – Sounds like your son may be slight on his tippy toes with this one, but the seat adjusts up to 18″ – high quality bike. Front and rear hand brakes – teaches coordination when the kids get balancing mastered.  Little ones use their feet as brakes in the beginning.

Yedoo TooToo – Great fit right out of the box.  All 4 aluminum models will be back in stock in 2-3 weeks.  All steel models available and for $50 less, that is the model I would pick. The steel model only weighs 8 lbs which is ideal for the smaller riders. One feature I like about Yedoo’s is that as you raise the seat height for taller kids, the seat gets a little farther away fort he handlebars because we all know that as your legs grow taller, your arms grow longer as well. Limiter can be removed with disassembly of front fork.

Kinderbike BMX or Laufrad – Great bikes for the price.  Aluminum frames, hand brakes, 2 seat posts for a large range of seat heights. Kinderbike has been around for awhile and through the years have made improvements to make this 2016 model one of their best.